Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter v2.0.0 - Balance of Power

A game by LucasArts and Totally Games

*Unofficial* MSI Setup v1.0.0.0 by Markus Egger

Installation instructions

Note: This setup is much more complex and will require you to insert the original XvT CD (XWVSTIE1) when prompted. This is my first multidisc setup which hopefully will work well. It uses WiX' VolumeLabel functionality which requires the CDs to be correctly labelled ("BALANCE" and "XWVSTIE1").

Uninstallation note: Seems I presumed too much MSI knowledge from the user base. There is no "separate" uninstaller; MSIs are self-contained and thus maintained using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Use ARP to repair or remove any MSI-based installation. Regarding my setups, search for strings beginning with Star Wars:. The uninstall capabilities of the LucasArts Launcher or any other uninstall links won't work for obvious reasons!
When removing MSIs, Windows Installer doesn't remove any registry or filesystem items (files, folders) that have not been part of the installation process. As a result, pilot files, mods or configuration files may be left behind during uninstallation. This is expected behavior and I don't really want to mess with that because I prefer a defensive approach as well. Just think upgrade packages would delete your pilot files ...
It's up to the user to backup and/or delete this remaining files/folders.
If there is anything that doesn't match the pattern above, tell me. If there's something I can fix, I will.

About NiftyZip v0.8.6.0

Regrettably, the Balance of Power installer (setupex.exe) is based on old 16-bit InstallShield 3 SFX technology.
NiftyZip, alpha development codename ISDeflater/ISInflater, is a result of reverse engineering the file format using a good hex editor with structure view ("Tiny Hexer") and the ZIP specs ("APPNOTE.TXT").
NiftyZip is written in C# 2.0. What would have been impossible for me in C++ or so, I could do with relative ease in C# - including some effort, brain-work, sweat and extensive testing, of course ;-). The OO approach will also pave the way for a graphical client ("GUI") in the future.
NiftyZip is freeware but still intellectual property. Call it without parameters from the command prompt to get license info.

Version is a new, bugfixed version. To be exact, not the EXE but the ZIP library has been fixed. There were a few header miscalculations that didn't make any troubles with the XvT patch but lead to troubles with the BoP installer. As a result, several files were not extracted.
With 31 MiB compressed / 52 MiB uncompressed archive data in 530+ files BoP is an impressively good stress test for the library ;-). Hopefully, the most graving bugs will be ironed out with this release. It's fully tested with BoP at least - I hope there aren't any problems with other InstallShield archives.
Don't worry, I always SHA-1-hash the source installation (XP) and compare with the MSI setup results. I shouldn't miss any missing or incorrect files ;-).


This setup is Freeware and a gift for the community. It shall ease the pain of all fellows in misery failing to install this game on Vista x64 (and other modern Windows operating systems like XP64). It is neither supported nor endorsed by LucasArts. Use at your own risk! Original CD required (developed/tested using X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Balance of Power English version - may or may not work with localized editions).
MSI tested under Vista Ultimate x64 and Windows XP Pro SP2 (x86).

You may only redistribute the original archive when done free of charge and all files are left intact (no additions, removals or alterations).

The MSI is fully Standards-compliant: It passes all ICE validation tests except ICE66 - which is an irrelevant warning since the MSI is not meant to be Vista-only (tested with WiX Light v3.0.3229.0 and Orca v4.0.5299.0).

Created by Markus Egger <> using Visual Studio 2005 Standard and the Microsoft WiX 3 Toolkit/Votive. Downloaded from

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